Deposits made easy

Perfect if you're renting an apartment, borrowing a boat, paying in advance, renting an office, renting out your house

Only 249 SEK per deposit

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Safe transactions

Use depos for increased security. Your deposit is stored in a safe and reliable escrow account.

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Easy management

Depos is an independent service that handles and guarantees your deposits, making your life a bit more secure.

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Increased security

Protect yourself and your property by offering a safe deposit solution via depos.

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Open an account

Start using depos by simply opening an account, free of charge. Then you will be able to create your errand, specify terms and conditions and invite your counterpart. Both parties can initiate a transaction.

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Make a deposit

When both parties have reviewed and approved terms and conditions, the deposit is made via one of our payment providers to your depos account. Each account is unique and funds can only be accessible by mutual agreement from both parties. This way depos makes sure that your money stays safe.

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Unlock the deposit

When it is time to unlock the deposit, depos follows what the parties agreed upon. In order to ensure security and transparency, both parties have their own virtual key to the account, and both must accept the proposed distribution of funds prior to any pay-out. Depos service includes handy tools to help you reach an agreement.


Depos protects your deposits through its user-friendly platform and via a partnership with SEB bank. What makes depos a great solution is that we act as an independent third party, holding and guaranteeing the deposited amount during the whole transaction period. When the deposit is paid back, depos ensures transparency, making sure that pay-out conditions are in line with what parties agreed upon. Depos solution is perfect for rentals of any kind and is recommended by the Swedish Union of Tenants.

  • Traceability
  • Receipts
  • Negotiation support
  • Automatic controls
  • Mobile friendly
  • Notifications
  • Contract templates
  • Inventory list
  • Interest
  • EV certificate
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Support